The Untold Story of Every Private Bus Operator

The Untold Story of Every Private Bus Operator

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The Private Bus Industry has gradually evolved to become a dependable mode of commutation. This evolution has attracted more and more people to join this industry thus increasing competition. As we all know, this industry since its inception has proven to be challenging in terms of Seat Bookings and operations. With time, people started realizing that these issues could be taken care of by technology. It was a mere idea to create an online booking platform so that people could book tickets from anywhere and need not follow the tedious way of going to a bus stand to get the bus ticket. This became the founding stone for technological intervention in the private bus industry. Eventually, companies like Bitla Software came up with all-round solutions for the bus operators. This again raised a question that which software should be chosen. People of the bus industry were looking out for a robust, dependable, secured and intelligent software which would be helpful in their daily chores. In such a situation TicketSimply by Bitla Software came to their rescue. TicketSimply gave them all that they wanted with a great support system to help them out at any point of time.

Since then TicketSimply as a product has grown to be very dynamic and has continued to be a market leader for more than a decade now.

Why more than 1200 operators chose TicketSimply?  

TicketSimply, has proven to be a reliable travel technology partner creating a great online bus ticket booking ecosystem. It provides numerous features catering to every single need of the bus industry. It promotes online bookings and increases occupancy without affecting the Average Seat Rate of the buses. It also connects you to various OTA’s creating a completely reliable online bus ticket booking ecosystem.

Its huge clientele includes some of the most dominant operators who are happily using it to grow their business to new limits everyday. It started in India and has now enhanced its boundaries to various countries to become a renowned technology partner globally. If we talk about market reputation then TicketSimply has continuously been at the top with its innovative brilliance and strong support system. Many of its clients believe it to be like a friend who is working around the clock to come up with the latest features thus helping them in running their business smoothly.

The below-mentioned features give a deep insight into how TicketSimply has been a market leader for more than a decade.

A Full Suite of Products with User-Friendly Apps 

All through these successful years, TicketSimply has come up with numerous solutions for all the requirements of the bus industry. This, in turn, has made them create a huge suite of products which take care of different dynamics of the industry. The products have been developed in such a way that they can be used easily on desktops as well as on mobile phones through user-friendly apps. These measures have helped their clients to a huge extent as it enables them to manage their business from anywhere.

Dynamic Fares 

TicketSimply as a private bus industry solution provider understands the competition that its clients face. It gets difficult to set competitive rates without compromising on the profits. To solve this they have come up with the dynamic fare feature. This is an automated feature which suggests rates after analyzing the rate trends in the market and the expected traffic of passengers. This helps the clients to set rates easily while earning maximum profits.

Grows Your Business  

We at TicketSimply are focussed on the growth of your business. We consider our client’s growth as our growth. It is our successful decade-long experience in the industry that helps us to explore all the effective ways of enhancements of your business. We provide customized products and solutions according to our client’s market and business requirements.

Efficient and Secured Software 

To have the best growth we strive to bring out the most efficient software. We believe efficiency comes by complying to the most contemporary requirements in the market. Our dedicated team of developers works continuously to integrate the latest features so that there is no compromise on the efficiency quotient. This efficiency is always backed up by the highest levels of security to keep the clients out of any danger.

Innovative Solutions for Clients 

Innovation is something that cannot be ignored by a company with a reputation like ours. Our innovations are a complete package wherein we consider various things before coming up with a solution. We do complete market research regarding every possible situation, have deep discussions with our experts regarding issues. Then we come up with a full-proof 360-degree solution that takes care of all the queries without compromising on efficiency, user experience, and security.

Dedicated SEO Team 

We have a dedicated SEO Team which helps in improving your online visibility. They help in maintaining your online presence on a competitive scale. This, in turn, helps in attracting huge traffic to your buses and also brings you direct bookings through your website.

Promotes Direct Bookings  through Website

We know that our clients aim to have direct bookings. This makes us come out with various customized plans for our clients which pushes direct bookings. This helps them get bookings without paying huge commissions to the OTA’s.

Free Online and On-Site Training 

We provide complete training to our clients to help them use all our salient features smoothly. These training are free-of-cost and can be provided anytime to the clients.

E-Ticketing Support  

We cater to all the latest requirements of the industry and have integrated complete e-ticketing support for our clients. The features come with a no-extra-cost and enable our clients to manage all their e-bookings without any hassle.

Guaranteed 24*7 Support  

We believe that issues while using the software can create a sense of insecurity among the users. This pushes us to take your issues as our own and we have a dedicated support team which works round-the-clock, 365 days to spontaneously respond to all your queries.

A History of Trustworthy Relationships 

We have been one of the pioneers in providing a software-based solution to the bus industry in India. We have acknowledged all the requirements of the industry as a whole and have come up with the best solutions for more than a decade now. We have appreciated relationships with most of the dominant operators in the industry for more than a decade. We also used our expertise to successfully serve the requirements of operators from various other countries. Since our inception, we have continuously evolved ourselves which has helped to maintain our leadership in the industry.

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