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Conduct Business on the Go.
Business Intelligence is a critical feature of your business, Mobile apps enable you to assess different business situations and control the operations and achieve business goals.

Mobile Booking App

In this revolutionized world, TicketSimply has come up with a Mobile Booking App to make the ticket booking easier. The mobile booking app provides direct booking and assembled with easy payment mode along with comprehensive tour management capabilities.The mobile booking app is a user-friendly platform that allows customers to select routes & seats, online payment, offer information, to check the availability, etc. Now the passengers can take easy steps on their mobile phones easily and simple. TicketSimpy mobile booking app is applicable to Android and IOS users.

Ticket Bookings

Guests can search and book tickets directly through Android & iOS app. Ease of use, user friendly interface and 4-tap booking flow ensure a smooth booking experience for the traveler.

Bookings & Cancellation

View booked tickets. Cancel upcoming trip. Prepone or postpone tickets with modify booking option. Cancel bookings and choose refund to bank or convert to cash coupons.

Contact us

Passenger can call the operator directly from the app at any point.

Bus Operator Apps

Booking and Collection made easy in offline mode. Automatic data syncing once connectivity reestablished. Bus Operator App enables operators to book tickets and collect payments in Online and Offline mode. In Offline mode, data is synced simultaneously on all the transactions that have been performed by the operator, once the connectivity is established. Bus Operator App solves a lot of problems for the operators on the field.

Interaction made easy

Easy Passenger interaction with SMSes and Calls. Convey and track boarding information

Pickup charts and vans allocation

Enable easy co-ordination between travelers and pick up service.

Easy roadside pick up

Issue tickets in journey for roadside pick ups.

Business Intelligence Apps

Detailed information and reports on occupancy, revenue and business performance. Business intelligence provides a range of business decisions making tools. These tools will help make your operational and strategic decision making a lot easier. Business Intelligence helps to provide a clear picture of your standing, business performance and detect as it happens so that we can use that intelligence to grow & retain our clients, grow our revenues, conversions, transactions and lot more. BI application provides features to have better control over business.


Dashboard is a single window solution to visualize your business performance. Dashboard provide details on the following parameter