Inventory Manager & GDSInventory Manager & GDS

Faster. Safer and Real Time Inventory Distribution
Distribute your inventory with ease. Global Distribution System collaborates with the operators and integrators regarding the services provided by operators and the offers and distribution of the services done by distribution partners like OTAs.

Global Distribution System

TicketSimply GDS provides the bus GDS standard setting APIs to connect operators with distribution partners. With 1000+ operators connected with 100+ OTA integrators, you will receive the best exposure and higher conversion rate. This is the Industry standard software for the online bus booking ecosystem for the inventory management & inventory distribution(GDS) for India and the world.


Global Distribution System helps sell your inventory on our online travel partner portals.

Inventory Management

One click access to our OTA network ensures higher visibility and streamlined real time inventory distribution.

Booking Support & Analytics

Prepaid and Postpaid booking support with Credit Limits. Access Booking Analytics by OTAs.

Payments & Commission

Automated payments handling and commissions disbursement. Control tariffs and commissions all in once place across all the OTAs.