What is TicketSimply?

What is TicketSimply?

TicketSimply is the World’s Leading, Most Trusted, Robust & Reliable Bus Travel Technology Partner & Online Bus Ticketing Ecosystem enabler backed by Exceptional Team & Support, offered as Cloud/SaaS service on Web & Mobile.
The full suite of Technologies can create and run The Complete Online Bus Travel Ecosystem – One Technology for all The Operators, GDS, OTAs & Booking Portals & Apps more.
TicketSimply offers Technology for Bus Operators with CRS(Routes & Schedules, Tariffs & Commissions, Branches & Agents, Bookings & Passengers, Security & Controls, Finances and lot more), Bus GDS, Bus Portals, Website CMS, Booking Engine & Payments Platform, Branded Mobile App Builder Platform, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Sales & Marketing with Campaigns, GPS Tracking & Passenger Alerts and more.

Rejuvenate Your Business with TicketSimply

Why should I choose TicketSimply for my business?

Not only is TicketSimply a unique and robust solution, it is backed by a passionate and technically knowledgeable team of engineers, support and marketing specialists. TicketSimply transforms your entire booking operations into a seamless, paperless and digitized operation with access from a browser and smartphone app. This solution is intended for operators of all sizes to schedule and run their services catering to their growing customer base. TicketSimply is used as an online solution for multiple platforms. TicketSimply is being used across the globe with more than 800+ operators currently listed. It can be called as one of the most comprehensive bus ticket booking platform for bus operators.

What is TicketSimply GDS?

TicketSimply GDS collaborates with the operators and Integrators regarding the services provided by operators and the offers and distribution of the services done by integrators.
TicketSimply GDS has linked with 22 Partners and connects bus operators to them with API integration. As of now, TicketSimply has more 800+ listed operators connected with 20+ Partners. GDS allows creation of corporate hierarchy for larger operators, allows them to connect with smaller operators, to manage entire list of available seats at any points of time ensuring low or no loss for the services being operated on a daily basis.

TicketSimply Advantage

Easy to Use

No extra infrastructure or setup costs. Plug and Play system allows you to start using the product immediately on Sign Up.

Multi Party Coordination

Reduce expenses with paperless management. Send communication internally and to customers through emails and SMSes. Take a complete backup of all your reservation data, reports and analytics.

Streamlined Operations

Reduce your workload and expenses with seamless and efficient process management system. No more manual route mapping with Route Manager. Create New Routes and Manage Schedules easily.

No Incremental Cost

We are extremely sensitive to your cost requirements. Contact Us to know about our pricing plans.

Automated Alerts

Built-in and customizable trigger sensitive alerts. System generated alerts sent to the customers and staff on ticket bookings, sales collections, booking status, booking hold expiry.