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Feature rich, User friendly, Customizable, Localized and Internationalize

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Faster Implementation, Continuous Training and Support

Business Intelligence

Control and Grow your business with intelligence and actionable analytics

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All our products, support & efforts are in Making your business successful

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We work with you as an extended technology team, rest assured you are in good hands.
Routes Manger

Routes & Schedules

Flexible configurations with multi-hop, multi-station, connecting bus & round trip for owned, tie-up to/from, leased to/from arrangements. Dynamic Rate Cards & Route Maps for better Yield Management. Control bookings on Schedule by channel with one click start/stop.

Tariffs & Commissions

Manage with Weekday, Weekend, Seasonal, Special Day tariffs. Automated dynamic rate cards based on the demand/supply on occupancy for better Rate per Seat. Flexible commissions for performing Agents

CRS, Bookings, Charts & Passengers

Manage & drive Bookings from multiple channels centrally with CRS, digital Passenger charts, SMS/m-Checkin, specials for loyal Passengers. On the go - on boarding of the customers digitally and with No Shows handled for rebookings and road side pick up bookings.

Sales & Marketing

Analytics driven yield management, tariffs management, automated Campaigns to drive passenger engagement and loyalty.

Business Intelligence & Finances

Stay on top of the Business with BI App and control your finances from anywhere. Intelligence on Occupancy, Profitability, Revenues, Routes Performance & Insights, Price Prediction, Passenger Booking Trends, Loss of Occupancy and more

Branches & Agents

Manage Multiple branches, users and agents securely with configurable roles & privileges. Agents operated as Online, Offline with Pre/Post paid options and automated payments controls.

1000+ Bus Operators successfully Grown their Business with us1000+ Bus Operators successfully Grown their Business with us

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Branded Website

Branded websites for your business with in-built SEO capability. Detailed help and support section to help you build your online visibility.

Booking Engine

Allow website visitors to book tickets in 3-steps. Send confirmed tickets to email and modify or print tickets as per convenience. Integrated payment gateways makes payment easy for guests.

e-Booking Passenger Support

Glitch free system with dedicated technical support desk that helps you resolve queries quickly. A dedicated customer support desk helps manage customer queries without additional expenditure of setting up a call centre.

SEO Compatibility

Higher search engine ranking brings more traffic to your website. Higher traffic results in increased direct bookings and business growth.


Create and Manage SMS and Email campaign to increase customer loyalty, acquire new customers.<br /> Keep your regular customers coming back with cash coupons, loyalty and membership cards.

Driving Higher Direct e-Bookings, Increasing Brand Building Recall with SEO, Campaigns & Offers.Driving Higher Direct e-Bookings, Increasing Brand Building Recall with SEO, Campaigns & Offers.

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Largest direct bus inventory

With more than 1000+ operators parking their inventory with us. We have one of the largest direct bus inventory across India.

Next gen GDS

Our cloud based system provides a high performance, low bandwidth solution to OTA looking for higher conversions. With more than 100 listed OTAs, integrating your bus operations system with our GDS is effortless. Our GDS provides an automated single payment option for all operators to listed OTA. Extend offers and deals, receive and disseminate last minute inventory directly from the operators.

Automated Payment Handling

Automated payment handling and commission disbursement

Bus Operators

Connect to our global distribution system and get your inventory exposed to 100+ OTAs with a single point connectivity. Seamless payments ensures a smooth and memorable experience.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Dedicated Relationship Manager provides extended support in integrating your business to leading OTAs.

Leading GDS provider globally

With leading providers from India, Chile, Cambodia and Zimbabwe as providers, we are leading GDS provider globally. Our GDS supports multi region and multi currency support.

Connect & Grow with the Largest Network of Operators & OTAs for increased Bookings & high OccupancyConnect & Grow with the Largest Network of Operators & OTAs for increased Bookings & high Occupancy

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Never lose track of your buses, nor let the customers do. Now, keep track of your buses and send regular updates to the customers.

Communication Alerts

Send Booking Alerts, Boarding Alerts Service Delayed Alerts to passengers and keep track of missed stops and missed passengers.

Reports & Analytics

Key reports on arrival time and departure time for increased efficiency.

Bus Speed & halt reports

Keep track of bus speed. Notify driver in case of overspeeding. Access real time information on halts - authorised and unauthorised.
Routes Manger

Route Map

Share detailed information on route taken by the bus from pick-up to destination.

Live GPS Bus Tracking & Passenger Alerts for control, safety & better serviceLive GPS Bus Tracking & Passenger Alerts for control, safety & better service

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Bus Operator Apps

Bus Operator App enables operators to do the basic operations such as booking and collection in Online and Offline mode. On Offline mode, when the connectivity is reestablished, the data is synced on all the transactions that have been performed by the operator.

Mobile Booking Apps

The Mobile Booking Apps provides an easy option for the passengers to book their tickets through their android and IOS mobiles and tablets. More and more number of customers are booking through their phones due to convenience. Passengers can book the tickets and make the payments using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash Cards using the Payment Gateways.

Business Intelligence Apps

BI APP provides features to have better control over business. Detailed information and reports on occupancy, revenue and business performance. With detailed information on occupancy, day wise and user wise revenue generation, branch agents and OTA performance

Business as usual on mobile on the go for Passengers, Operators and In the BusBusiness as usual on mobile on the go for Passengers, Operators and In the Bus

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with one of the leading GDS globally. SEO optimized portal for better discovery through search engines.

Marketing & Promotion

Reach out to your target audience with a dedicated SMS and email marketing campaigns with campaign analytics and in-depth reports. Cross-sell hotels and tours who have shared their inventory with GDS.

Reports & Analytics

Get detailed reports about business performance, marketing activities and more.

Branches and Agents

Increase occupancy with agents and branch bookings. Manage multiple users for branches and handle branch bookings. Manage agents, sub agents with privilege based access.

Launch your OTA Business with Complete Web & Mobile Apps for Bookings & AgencyLaunch your OTA Business with Complete Web & Mobile Apps for Bookings & Agency

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