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SRS Travels introduces Scania Buses

SRS Travels has been in the private transport sector for over 4 decades now with extensive operations in the areas of Employee Transportation, Tourist Transportation, Intercity Night Service, Package tours and Logistics/Cargo Movement. Recognized by Department of Tourism Government of Karnataka, and Government of India, SRS offers state of the art travel options with world class facilities with offices across India.

SRS as an organization has developed and maintained a base of loyal customers or clients. As a customer-driven organization SRS recognizes customer service and product quality as foundations of competitive advantage. Customer service is a core ingredient of total quality operations, and it includes concerns for both internal and external customers.

With a strong in-built Organizational culture, SRS Travels establishes a personality for the organization as a whole and has a strong influence on the behavior of members. The core culture consists of the shared values that underlie the organization. All staff members behave with shared understandings that support accomplishment of important organizational objectives with a special focus on customers and building accountability to the loyalty entrusted with them.

SRS has traveled a long way in the journey to success and today commands a fleet of nearly 5000 vehicles operating on 24/7 basis. They have recently introduced Scania Buses into their collection of ultra-modern fleets. Scania buses and coaches are renowned for their outstanding operating economy. Each component is engineered to heighten the performance of the vehicle and set world-class standards for fuel economy, drive-ability, Road handling, reliability and up-time.


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